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While it feels as though we have been cooped up in our homes forever, unable to stretch our wings, it also feels like just yesterday that our industry was all soaring high and celebrating together is Las Vegas. And by celebrating, I don’t mean late nights in the casinos, but rather celebrating the community of our multi-faceted industry.

Every year our industry comes together to celebrate Trade. We celebrate new ideas and new technologies, we see old friends and meet new ones, and we learn from each other and celebrate the expansion of our knowledge. That is what Trade Shows are all about – a community sharing their passions and knowledge. Everyone is there for their individual goals, yet we have an almost symbiotic relationship in that we are there for ourselves, though also bring with us something to offer for the betterment of others.

While we may not be able to see each other this year in Vegas, we can still celebrate together from afar. If you’re not on social media yet, now is the time to do so. Our industry is expanding across the world wide webs and the Community vibe of trade shows can now be found daily online. So get on there, Follow KASSOY, and then follow all of our followers, as they are a part of Your Community. We offer extra deals on social media and have a lot planned for the near future that you will not want to miss.

For the month of June, KASSOY is Celebrating by doing what we have done every year, but this time there will be more sitting involved and less standing/walking. We’re giving 10% off your favorite show items in our JCK Vegas 2020 tab under Specials, you can also click the banner on our home page. You will also find many great deals throughout our website, and we encourage you to call or email us if you have any questions.

Good Health and Well Wishes to all.


Irving the Owl

P.S. – The Great Kassoy Raffle is still going. You will be automatically entered when you spend $200 or more, and one lucky winner will receive a gift basket worth $350. Raffle ends 6/15

Welcome to KASSOY!

 Welcome to KASSOY!

Triple D from Kassoy

 Recently, we asked Kathleen Marino, G.G. to review our Triple D. She had this to say;

"Taking photographs of gemstones and diamonds can truly be a struggle. Getting a clear crisp professional picture is more, often than not, the result of a lot of expense and wasted time trying to obtain the correct lighting, position, and focus. The Triple D Diamond & Gemstone photo kit and companion app simplifies this process and makes photographing and sharing images of stones easy and enjoyable.


The Triple D Diamond & Gemstone photo kit is a portable professional photo-kit that is designed specifically for use with smartphones. The kit comes in a nicely padded attractive carry case that measures 5-¼” x 3”, allowing it to easily fit in any bag or briefcase. Inside the case is the kit itself. The small size compact kit is comprised of two parts of high quality metal that attach to each other via a magnet, a high quality loupe with an LED light, tweezer stand, and a black and white removable background.


Getting started with the kit is easy. Simply slide the two kit pieces apart and then reattach them via the magnet to form a stand for your smartphone. Flip the background to black or white depending on preference, or remove it altogether. Your smartphone is then placed on the slip-proof silicone pad with the camera lens over the high quality loupe lens. The magnet that attaches the pieces together allows you to slide the base portion across so that your phone’s camera can be positioned properly regardless of the phone’s model or orientation. Once you are ready, flip on the LED light and pick up your stone in your tweezers. The tweezer stand that is on the side of the kit contains an insert that aids in stability and allows you to smoothly spin your tweezers to get images from every angle. The wheel can also be pulled out to allow larger stones to be viewed. Once your stone is positioned and you can see it clearly on your phone’s screen, start shooting; it’s that easy.


Triple D has also created a free companion mobile app to facilitate easy sharing of stone images as well as any accompanying information, including any laboratory certificates. Images can be taken through the app or uploaded from your phone’s photos or videos. Once you have an image you then can add any certificates (GIA, EGL, etc) or other specific data.  When that is complete, you can send the stone to your contacts or just save it to your library. The app was clean and simple. If I did have questions I found that the tutorials on the company’s website were easy to follow. When sending images of stones you have the option of creating a blind group; think of it like the BCC option in your email, everyone can see the image and information but they can’t see or tell if others are part of the conversation. The app keeps your conversations private and organized. As you can imagine, this can be especially useful for selling stones.


I am very impressed by the Triple D photo kit. The compact size and light weight means I can take it anywhere. The LED light allows me to work in all light levels and, coupled with the reversible background, all colors of stones. Even somewhat difficult to photograph stones come out looking near perfect without having to retouch and color correct. The photos are crisp and clear every time right from the start; using the smart phone’s screen as a viewfinder means that I can clearly preview every image and I’m never left guessing whether I have one that works or not. I’m able to zoom in and see inclusions and examine facets without having to change lenses. The flat non-slip surface means I don’t have to fight with instability. Because the kit is made for smartphones, I’m able to easily switch over to video. I especially enjoy the video option because it allows me to present gemstones in a more compelling way.


This Triple D photo kit is not designed for photographing jewelry, but I decided to push the product a bit and I was not disappointed. I simply removed the reversible background, used the travel case as extra stability for my hand and either held the piece with a tweezer or my fingers. The results were beautiful clear images of hallmarks, close ups of details on settings, and photographs of set stones as they would be seen through a loupe.


Triple D has created a product that eliminates the need for expensive and cumbersome equipment or costly photo studio fees. The easy to use portable setup allows anyone, regardless of skill, to obtain stunning results without the hassle of possible wasted time spent trying to get a good shot. The images that can be captured are professional and beautiful and the ability to take videos can add a dynamic element bringing your stones to life for buyers. I personally would count this among the “must haves” of equipment for photographing diamonds and gemstones."


Mid-Winter Update

 Mid-Winter Update

A core Kassoy company value is making sure our employees are fully trained and ready to offer technical support on any and all products we carry.  Our customer service and support is the backbone of our business.

Kassoy brought in specialist Farrid Abdul Rashid in January to conduct a watch tool training and education session for some of our newer employees.  Farrid has been in the watch industry for over 20 years and is an expert with many of our watch tools including the new products from Bergeon. Jeff D. from customer service had this to say about the training:  “Learning from Farrid was a unique experience.  He has worked in Afghanistan and Russia and had a lot of useful information to offer.  I can use the lessons I learned to better understand customer needs and questions.”


Company president Joanne Slawitsky has just returned from an exciting week at the AGTA GemFair in Tucson.  “There was a renewed energy and excitement this year in Tucson,” explained Joanne.  “I am excited for the industry as a whole in 2016 based on my experience at the GemFair this year.”


We are hard at work behind the scenes putting together a Label and Barcode exclusive supplement to our full-line catalog.  This catalog will focus on our wide offering of ultrasonic-safe tags and corresponding hardware and software.  For over 20 years, Kassoy has made utilizing professional barcode tags for jewelry easy and affordable.  Call a Kassoy representative today at 800.452.7769 for more information today.

Winter Update

The newest edition of our Jeweler’s Resource newsletter is here!  To take a peek at the latest and greatest from Kassoy, you can skim through the entire newsletter here.  To shop now (and take advantage of reduced pricing on select items) visit the JR116 product page here


This Jeweler’s Resource issue launched the new line of Bergeon Watch Tools, available for purchase here. Stocking our shelves with trusted brand names has been a core Kassoy company value since the beginning and we are so excited to bring the promised quality and integrity of Bergeon products to our watch industry customers.


Also featured in this newsletter is the Four Pro Jewelry Photo Studio.  Available in three configurations, this studio allows users to capture professional-grade images of their jewelry on a white background without any time consuming Photoshop work. See them here.


To receive a printed copy of the new Jeweler’s Resource, call 800.452.7769.

Bergeon Watch Tools Distributorship

Kassoy Announces Bergeon Watch Tools Distributorship


Plainview, New York – October 8th, 2015 – Kassoy LLC, the world leader in supplies for the jewelry, watch and pawn trades, today announced a secured agreement to distribute a wide selection of watch tools manufactured by Switzerland-based Bergeon.


This partnership will add Watch Testers, Case Openers and Closers, Repair Tools and more to Kassoy’s Watch Tool assortment. 


“Stocking our shelves with trusted brand names has been a core Kassoy company value since the beginning,” explains Joanne Slawitsky, President of Kassoy LLC.  “I am excited to bring the promised quality and integrity of Bergeon products to our watch industry customers.”

Kassoy Summer Update!

 Summer Update

A JCK Story

Even though we’ve been exhibiting at JCK Las Vegas for what feels like forever, each year we come home with unique show stories to share.  One of our favorites from JCK 2015 was the perfect exemplification of Kassoy’s can-do attitude.  Company President Joanne Slawitsky was approached by a customer who was interested in very specific glass melle jars.  Joanne was able to work with Alan Berner, our Purchasing Manager, and source the jars.  We liked them so much, we have added them to our product line!  Check them out here.

The moral of this tale?  If you can’t find something you are looking for in our catalog or online – just ask!  We are always happy to find the products that make your job easier.

New Faces

Internally, we’ve been excited to welcome a few new faces to Kassoy.  Follow us on Facebook to meet our new team members!  In addition, Cat Dugan (our Marketing Director) is back from Maternity Leave.

Jeweler’s Resource Newsletter

We are currently working hard on the newest edition of our Jeweler’s Resource newsletter.  Want to be added to the mailing list?  Have a product you would like to see sold for a reduced price?  Send us an email at marketing@kassoy.com!

Indian Gold

Wow, they sure have a lot of gold hidden around India! http://ow.ly/I9HWy

Test some gold of your own http://kassoy.com/prodcat/Gold_Testing.asp

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